The Ice Moon Series

Ice Moon

 Ice Moon tells the dramatic and engaging story of Haden, a prophetic girl born under the Ice Moon chosen to lead her people out of exile while exposing the darkness that hides amidst the world, a darkness unrealized until now. Haden’s world comes crashing down when she realizes that the dark secret she has been forced to harbor her whole life is more grim than she could have ever imagined.  Having a rare condition, one that requires her to drink blood in order to survive, Haden has been forced to carry this secret with her since she was a child, telling no one. When a strange visitor makes an appearance requiring Haden to accompany her to a far off land, Haden’s world takes an unexpected turn down a road she never knew existed. Haden must now choose, embrace the monster within or follow the light of the Ice Moon towards her destiny.



In this heart gripping sequel to Ice Moon, Haden and Taylor step into their new lives as they begin to pick up the pieces from their past. As word travels from Nostovia of an impending war, Haden’s fears are realized now more than ever. When a second part of the prophecy is revealed, Haden is once again left questioning everything. As Haden’s powers emerge, darkness fills the shadows, stealing what she holds most dear and sending her into a place so dark only an angel could pull her out. As Haden learns to swim in unsettled waters she soon discovers a truth so powerful that it will shake darkness at its core.

The Chosen will never be Forsaken.



Infamy, the highly anticipated 3rd volume in the Ice Moon series begins with a soul shaking battle between light and dark as it explodes amidst the forest. While Haden’s life hangs in the balance, an electrifying truth is revealed before Taylor’s very eyes. They are not alone. As the war draws near, the forest becomes even more unsettled and soon Nostovia is compromised leaving Lee no choice but to allow the Warrior Wolves to aid Haden and Taylor. With darkness spreading rapidly through the lands the time has finally come for the ultimate truth, the truth that will expose their ‘rare condition’ for what it really is.

If truth was a bitter pill would you swallow it?

What if it was what held the very truth of your existence in its hand?

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