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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

Essential Oils have not only been a huge blessing in my life but also the lives of countless others. I’m always looking to add new members to my team to work with me in educating others and to share the blessings of essential oils with them. My family has benefited so much from essential oils that I have no doubt others like us would too!

Here’s a few facts for you 🙂

1. It’s only $40 to become a Young Living wholesale member. To maintain that membership yearly you only need to spend 50PV. That’s right around $50 a year. It’s cheaper than a Costco membership! (This is what I told my husband when I first approached him about becoming one. lol)

2. When you become a wholesale member you will get 24% off all Young Living products! (This is the reason I joined to begin with!)

3. Just because you become a member does not mean that you have to sell! You will have the option to but you will not be forced to. (I wasn’t going to when I first signed up.)

4. If you do sign up, I highly recommend purchasing the Premium Starter Kit for $150 no matter whether you want to sell or not.  When I first signed up it seemed that everyone was telling me this but not telling me why. I will make a small commission should you choose this option but that isn’t why it would benefit YOU.

This is…

Here’s a picture of the Premium Starter kit and what it comes with.   Were you to purchase the ‘everyday oils,’ alone you would pay $163.16. They are totally worth it might I add! The everyday oils kit includes ten 5 mL bottles including some awesome blends like Peace & Calming and Thieves. It also comes with a quite pricey single oil, Frankincense! Not only does the Premium Starter kit come with that but it also comes with a 5mL roller bottle of Stress Away (That’s 11 oils!) & just because they’re awesome like this, Young Living has included a Home Diffuser. They sell for $98.68!  When you purchase this package you get it for FREE! You also get some awesome booklets, as well as some samples. That would be over $250 were you to buy it all separately and with the Premium Starter kit that includes your membership as a wholesaler for the first year! That is why it benefits YOU! And that is why I bought this exact kit when I began!

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 Young Living also recently added a new Premium Starter kit that includes the new Aroma Diffuser. This beauty has two timers on it. 1 hr and 4 hours. This Premium Kit sells for $160 and you can see it at the bottom of the sign up page. The kits are the same other than the diffusers.



Do you have any questions? Feel free to email me at

If you’re ready to become a member of my team just click HERE! It will take you directly to my page where you will fill out your information. My member number is already in there. If it doesn’t show up just type it in. My number will go in the ‘Sponsor’ and ‘Enroller’ boxes. My member number is # 1696061  If my member number isn’t in those two boxes you will not be on my team. Putting my numbers ensures that you will be working with me and my upline!

They will ask for your social security number. This is for the purpose of taxes should you decide to sell. Remember, when you become a wholesale member you will then have the option to sell. You just won’t have to.

Another great perk you will receive when you join my team is phenomenal group support. Once you are a member you will have access to Facebook pages where other Young Living members like you and I gather to get support, learn from each other and share how the oils work for us. My up line also offers tons of free training! So if you’re new to selling and have no idea where you would start, don’t let that stop you! Joining my team will provide you with the tools you need to have a thriving business, should that be what you chose.

If you want to become a wholesale member just to get the discount, I would still love to have you on my team! I would be glad to help you in any way I can!