Why Young Living


I am not a salesperson by nature. I am an educator.

I will however sell what I believe in.

I don’t believe everything everyone tells me.

I do my research.

Why I chose to become a Young Living Distributor over all the other top oil companies out there.

1. Dr. Gary Young began Young Living for the right reasons.

He began developing his oils to use in his practice of naturopathic medicine for his clients wellbeing. This was a prayerful time for him as there “were no accessible references on the chemistry of therapeutic oils or on how they worked on the body and mind to bring about healing,” stated by Dr. David Stewert, author of ‘The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. God’s Love manifest in Molecules.” Dr. David Stewert goes on to quote Dr. Young as stating, “I studied the chemistry of oils through prayer.”

He studied them through prayer.

2. The Purity of Young Living’s Oils.

They only sell 100% Therapeutic grade oils. It was recently brought to my attention that some people don’t believe there are therapeutic oils. I strongly disagree. I never believe what anyone tells me until I do a crazy amount of some research. My advice is to do the same. Don’t take my word on it. Research.

3. Their experience and distillation process.

4. Young Living has farms all over the globe, verses other companies that have them only in the United States.

As I did my research I noted that other companies were proud of the fact that their oils all came from America. Now, I am a military wife and very proud to be an American.  I am also smart enough to know that plants will thrive best in their natural origin. If I want the purest oils, you can bet I want the ones that grow where God intended them to grow. Dr. Gary Young oversees the growth, harvest and distillation process of all his farms.

4. No allergic reactions

If in doubt, ask the people. It’s what I did. I asked tons of people what their experiences had been using different oils. What I found was that people were having allergic reactions, even those using Young Living’s competitors oils whose prices are comparable.

5. The Young Living Team members I have met so far.

Not one person so far has been ‘in it to win it’ for the money. Their financial success has been a reward for time and effort in educating others on how essential oils have blessed them. When I joined  Young Living, I didn’t do it to make money either. Honestly I joined to get the amazing 24% discount you get when you become a wholesale member. I love my essential oils but they can add up in cost. That 24% was important to my husband and I both.  I watched and listened closely to my own upline, wondering if these women were for real. What I found was lovely. Yes, they have chosen to make Young Living their business but it’s not their end goal. More than anything, these women, like me, are invested in teaching the world one person/family at a time about the wonderful qualities essential oils possess and how they have benefited us.

6. Last but definitely not least, prayer.

I prayed about it. My husband prayed about it. God answered and here we are and God is blessing us. I pray He blesses you too!