Essential Oils for Labor, Delivery & Post Partum

It’s been a love thing the moment essential oils entered my life years ago.

This will be my 3rd essential oil pregnancy but only my 2nd L&D/post partum one. When I first started with oils years ago I didn’t know that some were possibly beneficial during labor and delivery until a nurse I had just so happened to also be a doula who was educated on the use of essential oils.

I was blessed immensely last time by my oils and I used almost all of them!

Today I’m going to share with you what essential oils I bring with me to the hospital for labor, delivery and post partum.

Here’s a list of what oils I am bringing this time and what they can be used for.

  1. Frankincense – This beauty of an oil was suggested to me by my nurse to help keep me calm and relaxed in a very traumatic labor and delivery. I put a drop on my diffuser necklace and it definitely made a difference for me. We also put a drop of Frankincense on our sons head to anoint him once he was born.
  2. Clary Sage – Used during active labor to possibly help advance labor. I used it after labor to aid in toning my uterus. Many mama’s also have found Clary Sage to have a relaxing aroma. (It is not advised to use this oil before being in active labor)
  3. Valor – Apply to feet or spine during transition for courage. Some people apply one drop divided between both babies feet to help ensure proper spine alignment.
  4. Lavender – This is a terrific oil for helping keep mama calm. Some diffuse it and some apply directly to mama’s tummy to help keep her calm during labor.
  5. Surrender – Use in labor to combat fear. (This oil smells great. I inhaled it a couple of times but ended up using Frankincense)
  6. Fennel – May apply to vitaflex points to possibly advance labor. Some women also apply this above breasts on lymph area after baby is born to help bring in milk supply. *”Caution: fennel should not be used more than 10 days as it will excessively increase flow through the urinary track”*
  7. Ylang Ylang – This is one oil I did not use and honestly I’m not a huge fan of the smell. Although I love the essential oil blend Joy which has Ylang Ylang in it. I have a history of premature labor so I didn’t end up needing this one. I have it packed anyway. Just in case this little guy decides to hang on longer than his siblings did. You never know with these babies. lol
  8. En-R-Gee – This is terrific for a nice little energy boost. Some mama’s rub along their spine during labor for energy. I like to just open the bottle and inhale off and on.
  9. Peace & Calming – This is one of my prized oil blends! As a matter of fact I have two little bottles I have been saving just for my Labor and Delivery! We diffuse two oils in my L&D room, one right after the other the entire time until our baby makes its entrance into the world. We start with Thieves and then do Peace & Calming. My room smells sooo good! EVERYONE that came in our room, doctors included, commented on how terrific our room smelled. We even had nurses that weren’t ours come in to smell our room because other nurses told them how amazing it smelled! Having a peaceful mama is super important. Having a peaceful and relaxed L&D staff is almost as important. (Did I mention that we also bring our nurses chocolate to snack on? I think they deserve a treat with all they do for us mama’s.)
  10. Gentle Baby – I LOVE this blend! I have kept some diluted with almond oil in a roller bottle for years. I started wearing it when I was pregnant but it quickly became one of mommy’s perfumes. My kiddos love it! It’s so calming to both them and to me. I apply it to my wrists and neck after I have the baby because my babies are used to smelling this as soon as their tiny noses are developed. It has also been said that some women use this to keep their baby in the birthing canal once the baby has descended. I’ve never tried that but it sounds cool.
  11. Pan Away – Help with muscle soreness during labor. Apply diluted and topically to lower back. (I’ve never tried this but I’m bringing it this time just in case)
  12. Geranium – “Geranium has a contracting effect and helps pull together dilated tissues, so it is healing for the uterus and endometrium after birth.” (Again, another one I haven’t used before. I’m bringing it this time though.) It is also said that Geranium may help increase milk supply.
  13. Myrrh – It has been used to put on the remaining umbilical cord stump area to protect from infection. (We haven’t done this before but I’m bringing this one too just in case we decide to use it)
  14. Thieves – I use this oil blend EVERY DAY! I apply it on my feet to help boost my immune system and we diffuse it often. This is the very first thing we diffuse in our Labor and Delivery room to kill germs. I have no words for how awesome this blend is!
  15. Peppermint – Some mama’s have used peppermint for nausea with success but not me. Nope. My doula had a completely different reason for me to use it and it wasn’t so glamorous but let me tell you… it worked! I was having trouble emptying my bladder so she had me inhale the peppermint oil while I sat on the bed pan. (Now you know why I was struggling with urinating. I’m a modest woman and that didn’t thrill me. My body just wouldn’t “go,” if you will.) Once I took a deep breath of peppermint it’s like my body just did what it needed to do. It was like magic! I hope you don’t need peppermint for this but it you do, I recommend trying it. It sure worked for me!

And last but definitely not least, I’m going to share with you the Oil Blend spray that has amazed me since I first tried it.

        Claraderm Spray – Can be sprayed on cuts and scrapes to aid in healing as well as a mama’s nether region after having a baby. So soothing! I love using this spray at the end of my pregnancies and after I have my babies!


So there you have it!

There’s the list of oils I’ll be taking with me to the hospital in a few weeks when I have my little guy.

If you would like to receive your Therapeutic Essential Oils 24% cheaper than retail like I do, scroll up and click on the picture of the three oils. If you need any help deciding what oils to buy, let me know and I’ll help you.

Want to learn more about Essential Oils?

I highly recommend the book, “Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils,” by the Higley’s. I always take my travel companion with me to the hospital.

Are you pregnant or a Mama and looking for some good Essential Oil info for you or your baby?

I recommend the book, “Gentle Babies,” by I can’t remember her name at the moment. lol *pregnant brain*


A Day in the Life: 29 wks Pregnant,Teething Irish Twins, a Cold, Art work and DIY haircuts

Holy Moly y’all!

I’m 29 weeks pregnant!

This has been a bizarre pregnancy and that’s putting it mildly. No fault of the baby’s. I mean, finding out we were pregnant 5 days before our cross country (crazy ridiculously long) move was insane all on its own. Then having our family of 9 living out of suitcases for 6 1/2 weeks and not knowing exactly where (what state) we were going to live only added to the bizarreness. (Is that a word? lol) And then there was the multiple sicknesses and the subchorionic bleed in my placenta and my trips to the ER.


Well yesterday marked us being in the beautiful state of Tennessee for 4 months! Can you even believe it’s been 4 months since we moved here? I know I can’t. Crazy! But so awesome! Today we have 2 teething, sick little boys who caught a cold after their big sisters started recovering.

Nap time came and everyone but our sweet 2 year old was asleep. Hubby made me a delicious Trim Healthy Mama “Volcanic Mudslide” with low carb ice cream. Yum!!! Talk about making a pregnant mama happy!

We sat together on the couch with our sweet two year old lying next to us. Hubby and I marveled in the impromptu thunderstorm that had moved in (the 2 year old not so much.. hence him being on the couch with us. The chair just wasn’t close enough. Oh how I love that boy.) What a beautiful time it was. And wow, what a difference since last year. This time last year my husband was on the other side of the world. He sure wasn’t home making me healthy treats. And I wasn’t pregnant. It’s AMAZING what can happen in 1 year! So now, here’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods.

The belly is growing!! But somehow I can still hold my boys!! I’m literally hlding all 3 of my sons right here. This is me everyday, multiple times a day. After having 6 girls in a row I still can’t believe I have sons!

Even after birthing 8 babies it still amazes me that I am growing a tiny human in my body. I can’t wait to have a 4D ultrasound to see the little guy again! That update should be coming soon! I’m hoping to Vlog about it. We shall see. My adrenal fatigue has made itself known even more than normal lately so even the simplest of tasks has ben a challenge. That includes Vlogging. I’d like to do a pregnant with adrenal fatigue video. Maybe next week! High hopes, y’all! lol

So, if you know us personally you know that we love to learn how to do knew things. With that being said,  my husband and I decided to try our hand at cutting our sons hair ourselves.

That was interesting.

After two different people hacked our boys hair two different times my husband and I thought that we could do better than them. And honestly, although their hair isn’t what I’d call professional quality I can tell you that we were right. We did do a better job that the two that cut their hair before us.

Parent Win!

(P.S. Giving your 1 yr old chocolate chip cookies while cutting his hair is DUMB. Just imagine… chocolate everywhere…. Chocolate and little tiny hairs everywhere. Yeah, we were so stupid. Lesson learned!)

Something else we have been doing the last couple of weeks is focusing more on art with the kids. Well, not us exactly, but them really. They’ve all been embracing their artistic side since we’ve been a little more settled and they’ve had a chance to relax and adjust to their new home. The artistic side is strong in my family, y’all! We have multiple books being written by our kids and oh the beautiful art work I have seen recently! And I love how our oldest loves her little siblings. Caleb was having a particularly uncomfortable day due to teething and his little cold. When I walked in the room I saw him snuggling with his biggest sister while she did some art work.

Ah, I love times like that. Does this mama’s heart good.

Teething and having a cold is tough for a little one.

Baby Caleb needed some cuddling and his big sister was glad to provide it.


Other than that we have started getting ready for the new baby but that’s a post for another time.


Till then…





Non Toxic Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner/Carpet Deodorizer

We decided years ago to do our best to rid our homes of toxins.

One of the ways was learning how to make my own Non Toxic, All-Natural Cleaners. This bad boy of a recipe is not only simple but it can happily (no “Joy pun intended. lol) not only clean your kitchen sinks and counter tops but also work on your bathroom sink and tub. AND if that’s not enough it can also be used as an uplifting Carpet Deodorizer!

Joy is one of our favorite Young Living scents!

It’s terrific for supporting the adrenals and for encouraging a happy mood!

We also love “Joy” so much that we mix it with a carrier oil in a roller bottle and use it as Perfume!

Want to know more, leave a comment. I’d be glad to answer your questions.



My new Cloth Diaper & Mama Cloth Wet bags!

Now that we’re back to using cloth I ventured out to get us a couple of wet bags.

I bought these from Amazon.

They look like they’re made really well and they weren’t expensive!

The large bag is larger than I expected. I got it to bring with us in the diaper bag. It’s kind of big for that so if you’re going to get one  for your diaper bag I suggest you getting the medium sized one. This one should be for home use in my opinion.

And the little one, that’s for my purse. 😉 I think it’s awesome.

Now that I see how well they’re made I’m going to buy one for my teenager as well!

Here are the links for y’all!

Large Wet Bag

Small Wet Bag




Raising boys after 6 girls… The first real hair cut. O.O

This was me a few days ago.

Inside that womb of mine is a baby boy. My third son…


Now, my story is pretty unusual. After having so many girls we never in a million years thought we’d have one son, much less 3 and yet here we are… in shock… in awe… amazed… and sometimes confused. lol

Our sons are 1 and 2 years old so I haven’t even begun to tap into what raising boys is really like. And yet still even with them being this little the differences are incredible!

I’m sure most of you know that. It’s common sense after all.

But WOW… after dealing with long hair, bows and all things girly this mama is in new territory.

So let me tell you briefly about my experience yesterday that made me cry.

Shoot… I’ll show you too.

Here’s my little Caleb. He’s my baby. Not that his big brother Josh isn’t but Caleb is our youngest. And just look at him. This little boy has the softest eyes ever. This picture doesn’t quite capture them. He’s my cuddler. And at 15 months old he’s still all baby to me.

And then yesterday happened.

His hair was getting out of control. We hadn’t cut it because he loves to play with it while he sleeps. But y’all it was time. When your baby boy starts looking like an Oompa Loompa from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory something must be done.

So we took the boys to get their hair cut.

And here you go…

I left with Caleb the baby and came home with Caleb the little boy.

I don’t know who cried more about it. Him or me.

Today he’s all better and he still has some hair to grab on. Although he’s trying to hold mine even more. And although she won’t openly admit it, his 15 year old sister (who cried too when she saw him) has beautiful, long hair, sneakily lets him hold onto hers too. Caleb just has that way with us.

So there you have it.

Stupid as it may sound, I had never had to deal with the first boy hair cut. Josh’s hair never grew out all long like Caleb’s. Plus Josh has also always seemed a little older than he is. He is always on the go, moving and learning about the world around him. He is way too busy discovering things to cuddle for very long. It’s common place that throughout the day I feel someone come hug my leg tight and then run off like lightening.

That’s my Joshy.

He may not be as cuddly all the time like Caleb but this little boy has my heart just like his baby brother.

They have me wrapped.

And now, I can’t even imagine what it will be once the next little man is here.


Just wow…

Until next time…



May Update & Happy Mother’s Day! (Lots of pictures!)

It’s May 2017!

What an awesome month.

And today just so happens to me Mother’s Day!

So while my little are finishing a nap I thought I’d jump on and write a quick post.

(It’s all about time management, I tell you!)

So first… Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s reading this! What you do is special and if you’re anything like me you feel extremely humbled to be a mom. It’s a gift for sure.

May has already been an awesome month for our family. Here I am with ALL 8 of our babies.

(#8 is in my belly. He’s already a big guy, measuring almost a week ahead O.O lol)

This month we’ve been busy getting our house in order while healing from the second sickness we caught this year. As you can see, we’re all starting to feel better, thank God!

*We got some chicks
*We started a garden
*We made some new friends
*We have enjoyed the Tennessee sun immensely and have loved being outside in it.

(We do not miss Idaho’s cold Springs)

Now I’ll show you in pictures! 🙂

Now that we’re in our own home again I’ve been able to read to the kiddos before bed like we used to. They love it!

And so do I. <3

I’ve been able to cook some yummy healthy foods like this Spinach and Artichoke Chicken. You should have heard my children while they ate it. They were adorable, ooing and ahhing. lol

My Instant Pot is back in use!

And we welcomed some new furry family members!

Cute, huh!

So is Josh.

We’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying the outdoors!

We also got to see our baby boy again and right after that we took a tour of the hospital where I’ll be having him!

I loved seeing Mary and baby Jesus when we walked in. What better mother to emulate.

Did you know that May is the month dedicated to Mary? She was all about sacrificing her life for God’s will. I think that describes true motherhood perfectly.

So as you can see this month has already been awesome!

My kiddos have been loving caring for the baby chicks! While this little one was removing pine shavings from their food two of her sisters were cleaning out the pine shavings in the chickens little home and replacing it with fresh shavings. I had started doing it and they jumped up and asked if they could do it.

Well, yeah, of course!

On a side note, if you’re not friends with me on FB you didn’t get to see this picture. My sons seem to think it’s HYSTERICAL when I whistle. Who would have known? lol

Now back to today, Mother’s Day.

There’s a lot of pain attached to today for me but I won’t talk about that. Instead I will just show y’all a few pictures from earlier. In a little bit I’ll be off of here so we can go have more fun outside and grill some steaks! Yummy!

My hubby bought me beautiful flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and a cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company. Idaho doesn’t have a Great American Cookie Company so I’ve been sad about that for years. Those cookie cakes are my favorite! Happy Mother’s Day to me!

The kids and my hubby bought me a few gifts and wrapped them in super hero paper. Honestly it’s all we had available but they were quick to say that it was fitting because they think I’m a super hero. Which I’m not.

But it was sweet anyway!

And the day before Mother’s Day Tyler and I bought this…

A few things for our new little guy. We gave away almost everything we had.

(Not the cloth diapers though… phew!)

And now, some pictures from today and then I’m out of here for real. 😉

The baby bump. I’m almost 4 months pregnant already!

And as for this guy…

Keeping up with this little one and his brother is a family endeavor fir sure!

Me and my beautiful 15 year old. It had been awhile since we took some pictures together.

She is literally one of my most favorite people in the world. Can you tell?

Queen of Instagram faces can’t keep a straight one when mom starts making faces. lol

15 years old and I’m still getting kisses. I love it!

I adore her…

Last one… just a quick shot of me in mom mode. I’m a busy woman but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Till next time…




Instant Pot Boiled Eggs: My Review

I love my Instant Pot!

Everything I’ve tried has turned out wonderful so far!

I’ve cooked frozen ground turkey in it. I’ve made Tortilla Soup. And I’ve cooked Spaghetti Squash. I’m no professional. I haven’t had time to be but I’ve dabbled with it and each time I’ve been happy with the results.

So this morning I thought I’d try boiled eggs since so many other large family mama’s love them in it!

So what was our verdict?

Sadly, 3/4 of our family didn’t like them. :/


Only our 4 youngest did.

So what was different?

Well, for starters the taste seemed off to us. At first I thought it was my hormones. You know how that can affect some taste buds. O.O And then I looked around the table and I saw my husbands facial expression as well as three of our eldest daughters. They were trying hard to force them down without saying anything. Our youngest kiddos were eating those suckers up asking for seconds though! lol

Now it could have been the eggs I guess. Only we eat those eggs from that store regularly and they never taste like that so I don’t know. I do know that it wasn’t our favorite.

I still love my Instant Pot though and will be trying a bunch more things in it!

Oh, the one win was that it only took 6 minutes to cook 18 eggs!

That was a win for sure!

Till next time…



What’s up Doc? Rabbits in my garden?

Okay, so this is a new one for us.


In our garden.


Back in Idaho when we lived on 2 acres with our animals we had a pretty nice size garden and we loved it! It served us so well, providing all kinds of yummy foods for us like zucchini, tomatoes and pie pumpkins to name a few. (Oh how we loved our homemade pumpkin pie that was made with our home grown pumpkins)

We learned a lot with those gardens. We battled pests. Some we won and some we lost.

But we learned. A lot.

Still, apparently not enough.

*picture courtesy of*

Just the other day I happened to glance out our window and I saw a cute little bunny. My first thought was, “awwww,” not “Oh no… my garden!” But from what I’m reading and hearing it should have been the latter. Apparently those little cuties can take out an entire garden in one night! O.O For real? Wow. I still have so much to learn.

And I love it! 🙂

So guess what we’re going to be doing?

Yep, building a little fence around our garden to keep those wild rabbits out.

Till next time on, “As the garden grows.” lol



BIG NEWS: We know the baby’s gender!

It’s a BOY!

Had you guessed it?!?

I had!

It is so crazy to me that after birthing 6 girls in a row I am now pregnant with my third son in a row.

Wow, just wow!

I wouldn’t have cared what gender this little baby growing inside me is but it is pretty cool.

And on top of that we found out something even more exciting!

You see, how I found out the gender was through some blood work that my Midwife ordered. More important than checking the gender the lab work checked for genetic issues.

And praise be to God, everything came back looking good!

Boy or girl… I didn’t really care. Healthy baby, I cared.

It’s a good day!

Till next time…


Home Sweet Home- We’re FINALLY Home!

Would you believe me if I told you that I don’t even know what to say?

I don’t.

So much has happened in the last almost 2 months.

So many emotions.

Excitement. Fear. Anger. Pain. Confusion. Doubt. Faith. Hope. Lack of Hope.

One thing was consistent.

My husband and I had given our lives to God years ago and this whole trip was no different. We were following Him. Our lives and all that entails are His. So with all those emotions we knew one thing.

He was in control.

Not us.

Hands lifted in the air we praised Him, sometimes excited and other times crying out in confusion.

When we left Idaho and headed to Tennessee we never would have thought that we wouldn’t have stayed in Tennessee and instead we would travel to Louisiana and then stay one month in Texas. But that is exactly what we did. Once in Texas we couldn’t help but wonder if that was where God intended us to be. Even though we had researched and planned to move to TN for 5 years we were suddenly confused.  More prayer ensued. Day after day we prayed.

And then my daughter and I got severely ill. As in bed ridden sick. She and I both ended up in an Emergency Clinic. It’s been almost 4 weeks for my daughter and 3 weeks for me and we are finally starting to mend.

To make a long story short, day after day we prayed about where God wanted us. We looked at homes in Texas as well as jobs and day after day we noticed that it just wasn’t fitting. The more we drove around, the more we looked at homes, the more we just didn’t like what we saw. Not that we don’t love Texas because we do. The problem wasn’t Texas, it was us. All we have been working towards for the past few years wasn’t there. The land, the animals, the lifestyle we feel led to live. Yes, you can have it there but you have to live really far out from any city where my husband could get a good paying job.

This bothered us all.

But we loved being around family. God worked so many things for His good while we were there.

That’s my husband’s grandmother, his Nanny, and some of her great grandchildren. We’re going to miss her!

My husband got to see some of his cousins he hadn’t seen in almost 10 years.

It was amazing and yet something still didn’t feel right to us.

Then one day my husband and I asked our 15 year old what she thought. (We value our children’s opinions. It’s their life too after all) She looked at us sad and said as much as she liked Texas she didn’t feel like it was our home.

And there it was.

All 3 of us in agreeance.

It was now time to go home.

During this time is when I bled heavily, scaring me half to death. After lying down the bleeding slowed and the next morning we headed to the Emergency Room.

After an IV and an ultrasound that’s when we found out I had a Subchorionic Hemorrhage. (To read more about that, refer to my previous blog post) There was a bleed in my placenta. This was not only scary but it pushed my husband and I into action. We knew it was time to go. I needed a home. My health and the baby’s depended on it.

God had once again provided a home in Tennessee and in no time I had talked to a nurse in TN and had an appointment for another ultrasound to check on the bleed.

We hurriedly packed up and were soon on the road again!

Driving through Louisiana proved to be interesting and that’s putting it mildly. Right outside of Sulfer, Louisiana one of the tires on our trailer blew. And when I say blew I mean BLEW as in my husband couldn’t get the tire unwound from the wheel. The police officers that showed up to help were in shock when they saw it. They said they had never sen anything like it. It took 3 men to get the remains of the rubber free.

The entire ordeal took 2 hours.

We did a lot of praying.

And the entire time I had a friend in TN texting me praying for us.

Right before it was all said and done, one of the police officers gave the kids each a bear!

After that mess was over we were on our way again but not without another set back. An hour or so later we ended up on a highway that got shut down from a camper being on fire. That took forever. When we finally saw the camper the entire thing was burned to the ground! O.O

Eventually we made it out of Louisiana. We stopped for the night in Alabama and the next morning we headed towards our home in TN.

What pretty signs! We were getting close!

And soon we were home…

There it was… a little house nestled peacefully on 2 acres in a cul de sac.

Praise be to Jesus!

So after all these years, it was always Tennessee. We’ve been here one week now and there are no words to describe how blessed we have been. We have the most amazing friends here. Some we only just met. When they found out that I was bleeding so many people jumped up and began helping us. Over the last week I haven’t cooked dinner once! Generous people have been bringing us dinner and even some breakfasts. We’ve had people bring us groceries, donate furniture including a glider rocker and ottoman so I could sit and still be with my kids while trying to not bleed. They’ve brought me homemade chicken soup and made me “feel better tea.” They’ve given our daughter whose birthday was on Easter, presents. Anything we’ve needed they’ve come together and supplied. They’ve come out late at night to pull our trailer and van out of mud when it got stuck.

I could go on and on…

I have never in my life met so many compassionate people.


Tennesee= The Volunteer State.

That’s proven to be true.

These people are all godly people who care about other.

We have no doubt that this is our home. No longer will I question if it’s Texas.

Tennessee is my home.

I love it already.

*Quick Update on my bleed: Today I had an ultrasound to check the bleed and we were all happy to see that it has shrunk some. We also got to see a happy little 12 week baby moving around. Glory be to God! Thank you for your prayers!!! God listens!*

Till next time…