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And then there were…


If by chance you’re new here, let me start off by introducing myself. I’m Kristy, daughter of the Most High God, wife to my husband of almost 20 years and mom to 8, this year to be 9 of mine and my husbands children. (Yes, they are ours together. Our oldest is 18)

Once upon a time I was a singer who walked away from it all to focus on my family and give my life to God. All of my life. And that meant my fertility too. Not as easy as some would think. But so very rewarding! I get to co-create with THE Creator Himself!

What an honor!

I get a lot of people asking me if I always wanted a large family. My answer is always yes! I did! I wanted 4 kids! hahaha To me that was a large family!

We almost got everyone in the above picture. lol It’s not an easy task to fit us all in a picture. This was Mother’s Day. Can you tell the kids were ecstatic about their new sibling? If you’re answer was yes, you were right! I am so blessed to have children that love each other. Now, don’t get me wrong, they’re normal kids. They totally have moments where they don’t get along perfectly with one of their siblings but all in all our home is a place of love and forgiveness. Their father and I are very active in their lives and we work hard teaching them what true love is. And true love includes forgiveness. They’re pretty good at it.

So as you can see, our spring has been great even though the world has felt kind of wonky. And even though I have spent the last few weeks in the throes of morning sickness. For now I won’t talk about such ickies, lol. Instead I’ll show you a couple more pictures. Because pictures are awesome!

That little sweet boy is Kaden, our youngest. Can you believe how big he is?! He is so full of life and just such a joy to be around! He has us laughing all the time! He is also one of the smartest kids I know. It’s so amazing to me that that’s the same little boy that had a punctured lung and was so sick in NICU. We actually bumped into my favorite NICU nurse of his in Target today and she was amazed at how God had blessed him. (Do you remember me saying that we don’t make friends, we make family. Yeah, that goes with her too. We love her and she and I are friends on social media. She’s the best and was such a gift to Kaden when he was born and not doing well! Now I’m honored to call her my friend.) The back little one is my shadow. That girl is with me all the time and she could probably run our house as good as I do. She amazes me!

And then there’s the above picture. You know, the one where I have my eyes closed. The one where not all of us look all that great yet you can’t help but feel the love. Yeah, that one. It’s kind of weird but I love it so I thought I’d share it with you guys. You can see on my goofy looking face just what I think about those kids. And so can they every time they look at this picture. I love this picture for that very reason! I am so proud to be their mom!

And just because we haven’t had a lot of pictures of us together recently, here’s one of Tyler and I.

So are you curious about if we know the gender yet? Well, I can say YES we do! I’m almost 11 weeks at the time of writing this and we’ve known it for a little bit. The day we had that ultrasound we paid and had some gender blood work done.

Wanna see what it is?

It’s a GIRL!

And we are so excited! The entire family thought it was a girl!

So as you can see our family has been having a happy spring! I’m just now starting to have some breaks in my morning sickness, praise God! My newest saying has been, “Is it 12 weeks yet?” lol Now I can say SOON!

I hope you guys are having an amazing spring too!

Till next time…



My baby boy you’ll be…

When I was a little girl I would sit and hold my baby dolls for hours, rocking them and singing to them. I’d lovingly feed them and burp them. I’d take their temperature and give them medicine when they were sick. This is how I would play.

From a very young age God had instilled in me the love of a mother. I am so very grateful to be able to mother the precious children God has blessed me with.

The sweet one above is 4 now. Even though he’s too big to cradle in my arms and rock like I did when we was a tiny baby, he still comes and snuggles up with me.

Every minute. Every day. I love them all.

Children are a blessing.


Update on Our Family

It’s Monday late morning, almost time for me to start our “dinner for lunch.” I started this awhile back after looking into Ayurveda and have been doing it off and on. With all of the COVID-19 stuff going on I’ve been doing it even more. By the time evening comes it’s been really nice to not have to prepare a big dinner.

As much as this has been awesome, we do not do this on Fridays. Instead, our family brings in Sabbath every Friday evening. (According to the Jewish calendar the new day begins at sun down and ends at the next sundown. That means that Friday evening is Erev Shabbat. (Shabbat/Sabbath Eve. Think 4th Commandment)

Cajun Rubbed Chicken Thighs, homemade mashed potatoes, peas and homemade Challah bread. It was time for our weekly celebration and FEAST. Shabbat Shalom!

You guys, that chicken is DELICIOUS! If you’re interested, I’ll have the recipe down below.

Cookie Cake for Shabbat Dessert! Party time!

For now, I’m going to jump into my personal update. I’ve had some people contact me wondering how I am. Some of you know the health challenges I was facing. I’m happy to report that I am doing way better physically. And once again, Plexus Triplex played a roll. That’s not all I’ve done but it was a game changer. I can talk more about all that later. Maybe on my updated website. (coming who knows??? Let’s all tell COVID to go away shall we. People, teach your kids to wash their hands and follow directions. Stay home means to stay home. Don’t be close enough to spit on a stranger. Okay, I said my peace. lol)

An emotional side note: I will tell you this… I am a DIFFERENT PERSON than I was and Yet I am the SAME person. I am BETTER than I have been in my whole life! I am STRONGER than I have ever been! I KNOW who I am. And I KNOW who others are. My eyes have been opened! (see last Blog post) God is sooo good to me! Detoxifying your life and removing all that hurts you, including people, even well meaning toxic ones, will change your life for the better. It just does.

So what is up with my YouTube channel? Where have all my videos gone?

I deleted them. That’s where they went. Even the one with over 300,000 views. ALL of them… deleted. Why? Well, because I wanted to and it’s my YouTube page. lol Seriously though, I have my reasons. Maybe one day I’ll talk about it. I’m kind of wishing I would have known I could have archived them though. Even still, I’m okay with them being gone.

So now what about the future of my YouTube channel?

I’m revamping it and as of right now am planning on recording some new videos. The first one will be “Plexus After 5 Years,” so if you’re a Plexus friend then that one will be for you! And no I’m not currently working Plexus as a business anymore. So this video is only to help you guys. I’m also considering doing a re-do of my first ever Plexus video for my friends that used my videos for their businesses. The next one after that will be what I have planned for the future of my channel. I planned on filming the first one this month and then that funky virus had to go and rear its head. Boo on you virus! And boo on you rain! My kids need to runnnnnn outside. (see above picture of my boys) LOL

If you read my last post then you know that I’ve been in a stage of growth and re-evaluating things the past few years. God had me growing a lot. My website was put back to the way it was and it will be changing too. It will be focused on supporting women on their walk towards health and wellness. I’ll be sharing a lot of what I’ve learned over the years as well as my own story of healing. The plan was to redo it this year but right now I’m taking it one day at a time with this COVID-19 stuff going on. Soon I’ll put the “follow me here” back on my website so you can keep up to date.

K, so there’s that.

Moving on to my family and what we’ve been up to… ๐Ÿ™‚

Our first son celebrated his birthday this month!! Happy Birthday, baby boy! You light up my life. You are a warrior inside and out! Your mommy loves you BIG BIG!

Okay, so I know that this COVID- 19 virus is pure craziness. I get it. Add the media and all the possible celebrity stuff and “Q” information and WHOA. I won’t even go there. What I will say is that if you know me on a personal level then you already know that there is only one KING in my life and it isn’t a virus, the media, celebrities or anything else. With that being said, I practice what I preach.

When craziness ensues in the world my family and I celebrate! Celebrate? Heck yeah we celebrate! We are children of the Most High God. We CELEBRATE! We party, people! We pray. We feast on delicious foods. We laugh. We praise God. We wash our hands. (lol seriously though, we totally do) AND we turn up our music and WORSHIP! Before the virus hit where we live we had a pizza and doughnuts night! Oh yeahhh…

When we have sun (which has been unbelievably rare this year for some reason) we enjoy it! When you have little boys you need to take advantage of the sun and let them run out some of that energy! lol

Amidst all the craziness we did have to venture out to do some shopping. And I won’t lie, I was a wee bit scared about the no toilet paper thing. God really blessed us and we were able to get some. And for those that were feeling real fancy they had plenty of Lobster tails. hahaha

Well guys, it’s that time. I have to run! I’m a busy mom of a lot of awesome people. They like to eat and I like to cook for them. If you want to know where I am, I’m at home with my favorite people in the whole wide world loving up on them. It’s what I was born to do.

May God bless you all. Go love up on your family’s and don’t believe everything you read or hear. Fear isn’t healthy.

Till next time…



“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

I had this image of me. Tucked away in my minds eye there it was, me smiling and happy. Me looking light.

I chose “light” as a descriptive word because it’s the last thing I felt in my soul. The word heavy would have been way more appropriate. And we’re not talking about weight here. I’m talking about me, inside.

My heart and soul felt heavy.

So much had happened in my life. So many heavy, hard things out of my control that wore me down both emotionally and physically, even eventually causing my health to suffer.

How I got to that place was irrelevant to me. It was staying there in that heavy, dark place that concerned me. Would I ever feel better? Where was that little girl who was lighthearted? The little one with the big smile and dimples that loved to laugh and loved people. Where was she? I wanted her back but had no clue how to ever be in that “light” place again.

This is the journey I have been on for a few years now. And it’s one that has changed my life for the better. So when I saw the above quote it really touched me as true. To get to where I am today took time. A lot of time. There simply couldn’t have been short cuts.

I’m writing this post today to tell you that if you, like me, decided that it was time to let go of all that was making you feel terrible, then you’re not alone. You’re not the only person doing this. I know many who are. It may not be easy. Shoot, it may feel downright excruciating at times. And it sure won’t happen overnight. You may need to invest in quite a few boxes of tissues but it’s possible. Sooo possible. Although, I’m not the light little girl I once was, I’m also no longer the girl who walked around feeling like a boulder was on her heart. I’m no longer the woman I once was, a woman bound by her past mistakes, a woman caring way more than she should have about what others thought about her or what they deemed right and wrong. I spent almost all of my life allowing myself to be hurt in the name of not hurting others feelings. That little bright eyed girl loved people so very much that she wanted nothing more than for everyone around her to be happy. And in the end it was at her own expense, an expense that cost her greatly.

And now that time has ended.

The lioness has awaken.

So what have I done on my journey to emotional and physical healing?

A lot.

It would be way too much to go into and this post is already longer than I had originally wanted. But before I go I will tell you the one most important thing that I applied to my entire life little by little. It changed everything.

I began removing anything God laid on my heart to be toxic to me.
And that included people.

Till next time…



Hello October!

It’s that time again, one of my favorite times of the year, Autumn. And although East Tennessee temperatures seems to have not gotten that notice, oddly enough the leaves have. As if embedded inside them by the Creator, the knowledge of what time of year this is has them beginning their descent from the trees, giving the two acres we currently live on a magical, almost other worldy look, which of course as an author I love.

The super hot weather hasn’t stopped us in the Quinn household from enjoying the beginning days of Fall. Young Living Thieves blend has been in the diffuser making our house smell amazing, Fall decorations are out and we’ve already indulged in Pumpkin Spiced Lates, Krispy Kreme Pumpkin Spice doughnuts and we’ve even already watched, “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown,” which we had never seen until this year. We all loved it!

I hope you’re enjoying your Fall wherever you are, in snow or extreme heat.

Until next time…



Summer is almost here! BBQ’s, sprinklers…& FUN!

I can’t believe it’s already June! Can you?! I feel like this year has been flying by. I’m totally okay with that but at the same time, when you’re a mom sometimes you can’t help but wish the clock would slow down just a little bit. I will say that as much as I love Fall, I do really love the long days of summer. BBQ, watermelon, sprinklers, and here in Tennessee the fire flies at night. Although I’m not a huge fan of bugs, I have come to appreciate how beautiful lightning bugs are at night. We live on 2 acres of land surrounded by trees and at night the lightning bugs put on the most magical looking shows. It’s really quite amazing!

My favorite of all though is watching my kids enjoy life. And food. Boy do they enjoy food! lol Here’s one of my girlies enjoying some grilled drumsticks.

With all the beautiful weather we’ve been outside a lot. This is a busy time of year where we do our best to soak up all of the sun. With that being said, I haven’t been super internet extroverted lately. I figured since it had been awhile I would jump on here and share a few recent pictures with you guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

I can’t believe that this precious, silly girl will be turning 18 in a few short months. I am so blessed to be her mom. She is one of my most favorite people in this world! She’s smart like her father and super witty. She keeps me laughing! I just adore her.

It is so amazing to me that even as they age I can still see them when they were little people. #mamasgirl

Speaking of laughing, these two keep us all laughing… and on our toes! They are busy, busy little boys! They’re only 10 months apart and are just precious to watch together.

They’re seriously growing up so fast.

I waited 22 years and 6 daughters to have our first of three sons. I remember the time when I never thought I would have one son. And now we have three little boys. It’s so crazy how God works in our lives.

Time is moving so fast. Being a mom of toddlers is a full time job but I love it! Just recently we potty trained our second son. It’s crazy to me that at one point we had all 3 of our boys in diapers and now we only have one that’s not potty trained. I have now potty trained 8 little people in my lifetime so far!

My lap is almost always full but so is my heart.

And sometimes they sleep. #preciousness

The boys haven’t been the only ones growing like weeds in our family. God has been growing our faith this spring season as well! We recently have been learning about God’s Biblical feasts and have been doing our best to celebrate them. We love the idea of doing what Jesus did.

I also learned how to make Challah bread which is super delicious!

It’s been a good spring! I even got a couple of pictures of Tyler and I. I hope you’ve had a happy spring and may God bless you with an even better summer!

Till next time…



Perfectly Imperfect

Next month it will have been 2 years since we moved to East Tennessee. It didn’t take us long to realize that the vacation destination of many was not meant to be our forever home. However, we also realized that we didn’t know where that was. After 5 years of planning to move here, this was hard to come to grips with. This began a long search for where we wanted to move to raise our family.

There is so much I could write about our time here because God used it to help us learn and grow… to help me learn and grow. These past two years of my own personal life we re filled to the brim with self discovery and revelations. They were filled with me taking a long hard look at my life and my past and seeing that there were some things I had tried to push past and ignore. Things that had been eating me up inside and affecting my health physically. Figuring out where we wanted to move was also a huge part of us growing. After so much anticipation of moving here we all felt super depleted when we (our entire family) realized this wasn’t where we were supposed to be.

So we prayed. And prayed. And prayed some more. And all the while we researched more states and cities in the US than I even care to talk about.

While this was going on our family was also learning from a spiritual perspective. When we moved here we were a part of a specific denomination. After reading something in the Bible that contradicted that faiths core belief system it set us on a very rocky, and at times depressing, search for God’s ultimate truth. Like I said…. it was a time of intense growth in our family.

Growing pains hurt. Sometime severely. And these all did.

During this time of searching for God’s truth and where we wanted to live and raise our family, I too was in a major growth season. I had been introduced to a program that’s purpose it to help you dress to reflect who you are on the inside. It teaches that we are one of 4 types. Each type leads with a different energy. This may sound a wee bit cooky but once you see some of the success stories it starts looking pretty appealing. I have seen women in that program heal from past traumas because they started seeing themselves for who they were and not who they were expected to be. It was really quite inspiring to see.

The program is a whole story all in itself that I won’t be talking about. What I will say is that God used that program in a big way in my own personal life. I was even “typed,” by the creator. It was rare that she did this but I was blessed enough to have her tell me both my first and secondary energy types according to her system. That is when the healing really began in me.

Now you might be thinking, wow… was she right? Is that what changed your life? Did you start dressing the way she suggested for your type?

If you know the program I’m talking about then you would see me and say that I am not a success story according to the program because I do not wear only “my” colors. I don’t even like most of them on my body. And I do not wear my design lines. I don’t like them either. And I tried to! lol You won’t see a before and after picture of me on their website because I didn’t do one. I am not a success story about how knowing your type and dressing it will make you a happier and more balanced person. However, I am a different type of success story because of her program. Because if it, I took a step back and looked deeply at myself. The me before I was a professional singer. The me not changing myself in order to please others. The me that wasn’t afraid to speak my truth. To live it. The me that God created. But what was my truth? These were questions this program had me asking. And they were GOOD questions!

It’s been a long journey but I am happy to say that it worked. I did find my truth!

I am me.

I am perfectly imperfect.

You will not be seeing me dressing my type. I am the daughter of the Most High, the Creator of the world and all that is in it. That is my identity. That is my truth. That and my heart is what will be reflected in the clothing I choose to wear. And the colors I choose to put on my body.

I will be eternally grateful for what that program did in my life. God used it to grow me. He used it to show me who I really was and that is a priceless gift, one I can pass down to my children. Living true to who you are is important. The world is really quick to steal that…. to try to tell us what we should think and what we should wear. And a lot of us listen. I know I did. That program helped me see that it was me giving my power away. No one had taken it from me. That is eye opening.

As for our spiritual walk and where our family is to live… I am super excited to say that God has answered those questions too!! It felt like it took an eternity but He was listening and He has answered us.

Those updates will be for another time. Until then, may God bless you.



Why I’ve been taking a break from social media.

Sometimes it’s good for us to take a break. And recently I needed just that. If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you already know that the last few years have been really odd for me. We had a cross country move, or so we thought. That turned into traveling across more states to visit relatives and living out of suit cases forย  6 1/2 weeks. We finally moved to Tennessee. Got a new job. (hubby, not me) I stopped working. And began focusing on some other things. Personal growth.

By nature I’m a pretty outgoing person but if you know me really well then I don’t have to tell you that I am also an introvert and when Iย  need to process life I like to take a step back and retreat while processing. This is kind of what I would say I look like mentally while I’m in that place. She’s in her sweater and rubber boots walking around in nature. Welcome to my mind and my life. I am a girl who loves nature and I love the crisp feeling of fall in the air. I am also a girl who sometime needs to shut the noise of social media off. It can get super loud even though there’s no sounds. So I did. And it was great.

When will I be back to blogging? Or vlogging? I honestly don’t know. I’m in a season of self growth and I’m constantly learning and thinking. I do know that I will blog (and possibly vlog) again. So if you like what you see on my website, feel free to subscribe. I won’t be one of those people bombarding your email. That annoys me so you won’t be getting any of that from me.

Till next time…




Look who’s growing up! Isn’t he cute!

Someone’s about to turn a year old! I can’t even believe it. #mamasboy #babyKaden


Blue Calcite, my newest addition!

Just take a look at that beautiful stone. Isn’t it pretty. It reminds me of the sky which anyone who knows me knows that I love the sky, I always have. So much so, that I named my first daughter after it.

The picture doesn’t do this piece justice. The cloud like parts actually shimmer in the light. It’s really really breathtaking. I had been eyeing it for weeks and I’m so glad that it’s finally mine.

Blue Calcite

(The following information was taken from Madagascarminerals.com)

“Calming Blue Calcite soothes frayed nerves and lessens anxieties. A gentle stone to use when recuperating, Blue Calcite facilitates physical healing by clearing negative emotions and encouraging rest and relaxation. Blue Calcite can also work as a natural sedative after an emotional trauma, such as the death of a loved one.

Physically, Blue Calcite lowers blood pressure and may help to dissolve pain on all levels. Gently soothing the nerves and lifting anxieties, Blue Calcite releases negative emotions.

Physically, Calcite has been associated with the bones and joints, and balances the amount of calcium in the body. Calcite can also help to improve the body’s absorption of important vitamins and minerals.”

FUN SIDE NOTE: If you are new to stones, there are many different kinds of collectors, each drawn to stones and crystals for different reasons. Some use them for healing and believe they can physically and mentally aid in our body working to its full capacity. Others believe they have supernatural powers. I fall into the, I buy them because I like them category. However, I am a Christian and I believe that God uses whatever He wants to as conduits for his healing. I personally do not use them for healing purposes though.

When my husband bought me this stone he was excited to see that it was associated with nerves and the joints and spine. Recently he started using it to massage my back and shoulders and hips where I have the majority of my pain. He did this 3 nights in a row and those three nights I fell asleep with little to no pain. And I stayed asleep! Was it the energy and chemical make up of the stone? Who knows. ๐Ÿ™‚ All I know is it’s a beautiful stone and I sure did sleep well.