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It’s July y’all!

Summer is here and so is my birthday month!

Yep that’s right, this mama to almost 8 is about to turn 41!

How’s that for awesome!

We’ve been in the beautiful state of Tennessee for 2 1/2 months now and we love it! After spending 8 years in SW Idaho we have been enamored by the rain that comes off and on, followed by the glorious sun! And believe it or not it’s been hotter this year already in Idaho than down here in TN!

For real! lol They had a 98 degree day while we enjoyed 75 degree weather.

We’ve been having a good time tending to our garden and our chickens.

Oh my gosh you can’t imagine how much we all missed having chickens!!

Those birds are amazing creatures.

Now that we’re getting more settled in our new home we’ve put back into our schedule “Fun Friday/Pizza Night!”

I surprised everyone and made homemade pizza’s!

The last two weeks we’ve also had the pleasure of playing with glow sticks! As you can see our 8 yr old daughter had quite a bit of fun with hers. She’s quite the funny one! lol

We’ve been having tons of fun here! We even bought a new toddler potty!

Oh yes, one day soon we will be venturing once again into potty training land!

This mom right here has potty trained 6 girls by the age of 2. However, from what I’m being told by other boy moms this experience will be totally different. I’m kind of nervous. lol Josh isn’t though! lol We haven’t started yet. I’m praying about when it’s a good time. From what I’m hearing I might want to wait until he’s 12, I mean 3 years old. LOL

Caleb thinks the potty is a pool for his bath toys!

As for those two little stinkers… just look at those smiles, y’all! They melt their mama’s heart.

And they keep me busy!

*No they’re not twins. lol Although they are “Irish Twins,” born less than 12 months apart*

They have us all wrapped.

And some of us are getting a huge kick out of playing with their toys!

I found this waiting for me on my table one morning.

Oh my, lol.

My kids are too funny!

As for me, I’m a little over 5 1/2 months pregnant as I type this and I’m doing awesome!

Thank you Plexus!

Here’s a picture of my most recent order.

The new Slim, VitalBiome and XFactor+ are Amazing! The calm energy this pregnant mama has is such a huge blessing!

And so is the Bible study I just started recently. I’m a homeschooling mom to a lot of kiddos.

This girl here needs her spiritual food too. 🙂

I’ve also been starting to make some homemade things for myself again. Whooo Hooo!

Last week… Homemade Face Powder!

Y’all, I love it!

So what are y’all up to this summer? Whatever it is, I hope you’re making happy memories.

That’s what really matters!

For now I’ll leave y’all with a few more pictures of how our summers been!


Caleb really wanted that fly swatter.

Uh oh…

And now he’s not too thrilled that it got taken away. I don’t think he understood that he wasn’t supposed to have it in the first place. Sweet baby…

Oh little man, how mommy loves you…

All that outside play makes for sweaty children.

Laundry Time!

My gosh he tosses those clothes fast! Maybe it’s the Captain America Cloth Diaper?! lol

Now it may be summer for public schooled kiddos but our family typically homeschools year round. This year though we took a “summer time” early due to our move.

So after our 6 1/2 week adventure/cross country move back to school we went.

Teaching Text Books!!! Best MATH ever!!!

All work and no play… well whatever the saying is, it just stinks! lol

Time for some fun with friends! Or should I say Craziness?!

We also were blessed to have my sister and her husband come visit for the first time in years. It was awesome!

And after what seemed like forever we’re finally able to use cloth diapers again!

Moving across the country is work y’all. Ain’t no mama got time for cloth diapers. O.O I sure missed them though!

We’ve also started incorporating healthier and mama made snacks again! The kids are in heaven. Mama’s back in the kitchen! Getting ready for a cross country move and being on the road and in transition for so long made healthy eating a challenge at times.

Homemade Popcorn!!!

Organic, Non GMO, made w/Coconut oil, Pink Salt & Nutritional Yeast.

My kids favorite!! And mine too!!

I hope you enjoyed my Home Page/Blog, “Here’s our summer so far,” update!

For now I’ll leave you with this last picture for your amusement.

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