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Hey y’all!

Can you believe it’s August?

Kids are heading back to school already! Well, not mine exactly. lol Since we’re a homeschooling family we’ve been schooling through the summer. Although we did take a little time off recently so we could enjoy more of the beautiful weather Tennessee has been having! And when I say beautiful, I mean it y’all… it has been so pretty here!

We’ve all enjoyed playing outside!

If you’re new here, Welcome to my website! Make yourself at home. This is where I share some of our life (when my littles allow lol)

This summer has been awesome! We ran a Plexus table at a large Children’s Consignment recently.

And we even managed to score a few great deals for the kids!

Did I mention it was our Wedding Anniversary one of those days?

Yep, 17 years!

Mostly though, we have been enjoying being outside. We had a LONG winter in Idaho last year y’all! We have been soaking up all the sun and warmth Tennessee has offered!

Our son has totally enjoyed the sprinkler this year now that he’s 2 years old!

Did you know that it’s apparently totally awesome to put your Popsicle in the water?

I didn’t. Until now.


Sticks have been a fun addition to this summer for my kiddos! You see, in Idaho we didn’t have many trees so sticks were few and far between. Not here in Tennessee. Nope, there’s plenty to go around and wow, you can really do so many things with them.

I had no idea. lol


So if you’ve been following me for awhile and are just checking in, you probably remember our last summer when my husband was gone. My kids sure do. Their daddy has been a popular man! So much so that they cheer him on while he mows our yard. lol It’s so cute!

You should see the short video I took of it.


As for this pregnant lady, I’m about to enter into the third trimester!


Right now I’m in the throes of checking my blood sugar 4 times a day for 2 weeks straight. You see, that’s what happens when you say you don’t really want to ingest that drink they use in the Glucose Tolerance Test. If you don’t already know, BOTH of my parents are deceased and BOTH of them died having Type 2 Diabetes. I’m high risk for diabetes and I don’t ever put that kind or amount of sugar in my body so I prefer to avoid that test.

I check my blood sugar on my own every pregnancy starting around 16 weeks pregnant.

Checking it now is cake. No pun intended. lol

Of course I have some help keeping my blood sugar at healthy levels.

Where would I be without Plexus?

I hate to think…

Another go to for me is Young Living’s Ningxia Red.  That drink is a huge blessing to me.

It teams up well with Plexus!

The other things this pregnant mama is embracing more regularly are my essential oils. I always use pure essential oils… always, but when I’m pregnant I feel their benefit even greater.


So how’s your summer going?

Are you ready for Fall yet? I’m not. Not just yet.

I think I’ll enjoy this heat a little longer while I have my little bun in the oven. lol



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Till next time…


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