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*I can smell the homemade Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pies already*

We’ve been in Tennessee over a month now.

Over. A. Month.


So how are we liking it? We’re loving it!

We won’t lie. Oddly enough we do miss Idaho, some of us more than others. We lived there for 8 years and had 5 of our children there. It was home.

Moving from SW Idaho to Tennessee is a shock to the senses. There are so many trees here and it’s very hilly in most parts. It rains off and on all the time whereas Idaho it didn’t. And there’s humidity.

It’s awesome! lol

So what have we been up to?

We’ve been enjoying the warm weather. That’s for sure!


So if you’ve been following my family for any extended period of time then I’m sure you remember me saying how I just new 2017 was going to be a busy year. Well I was right! So much growth all over in our lives!

And that includes my belly!

Check it out!

17 weeks pregnant with our third baby boy!

He and I are doing great!

This is my 2nd Plexus pregnancy!

Speaking of Plexus…. Holy wow y’all, have you tasted the new Slim?

It’s so good! And I love how much calm energy it gives me. I loved the original but I love this one even more!

Want a sample?

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*You must not be working with another Ambassador.*

So of course there’s been more going on but this mama is busy y’all so I have to head on out of here for now!

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Are you here because of Plexus?

You’ve come to the right place because after two years of taking Plexus I am even more positive about those products than I ever have been. I can’t tell you how this cross country experience has shown me once again just how blessed I am to have such amazing supplements!

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Till next time…


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We’re a Plexus, Essential oil lovin homeschooling family of 9.

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