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This is the theme for our lives right now.


We are not in Tennessee.

We are in Texas!

Yes, you read that right.

We’re in Texas. But we did go to Tennessee. We drove all the way from Idaho to Tennessee and then the Lord showed us that that wasn’t supposed to be our home after all and so we got back in our van, headed to Louisiana to visit my parents grave sites and then we drove to Texas… Our Texas. God hail this mighty state!

For those of you new to my website, my husband and I are from Texas and have been living in Idaho for the past 8 years. For the past 5 years we have been preparing to move to Tennessee. I didn’t know if or when I would ever go back to Texas so this has been a doozy mentally. A good doozy!

Our life is crazy busy right now looking for a job and a house.

What a crazy, but awesome year so far!


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Till next time…


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