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Hey y’all!

I can’t hardly believe it!

It’s October!

The temps are dropping here in Idaho. The leaves are changing color and there’s a crispness in the air that makes me want to inhale this new season, filling my soul with joy.
It’s Fall!

Can you smell pumpkin everything? lol


I’m excited! How about you?


October is one of my favorite months out of the year, always has been. This year though it’s a really special month for our family.

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As for the happenings here, we’re keeping busy and my kiddos are growing so fast.

Check out baby Caleb… isn’t he so cute!


This little guy is 7 1/2 months old now.

We’ve all been enjoying watching he and his big brother start to interact with each other. It’s sooo cute. For those of you new here, my baby boys are only 10 months apart. Before them my husband and I had 5 daughters together so you can imagine what a surprise it was not only to have one boy but two!

God is good!


With Fall in full swing now we’re in full Thieves mode here in our house. We’ve already been hit by one sickness in the past month. Thieves was such a blessing! My kids could have been so much worse!

Another must have that I’ve been using to boost immune systems is what is now an old faithful to us…

Elderberry Syrup.

DIY Elderberry Syrup

Gosh I love this stuff! It’s pricey though, y’all. That’s why I make my own. I get way more for my money and from what I hear it tastes even better than store bought. 🙂 The above picture is a couple years old. I now make double that. Mt family has grown quite a bit. 😉

If you’re a mom, has your crew been sick yet? If you’re not already on the bandwaggon I highly suggest Thieves and Eldeerry syrup to boot those immune systems. I mean after all, how can we enjoy Autumn in all its beautiful God given glory if we are always sick, right? 🙂



For those of you visiting my website for the first time, welcome!

We’re a Plexus, Essential oil lovin homeschooling family of 9. Right now we just started a new school year and are super excited about it!

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In other news, one of my Plexus videos has reached 50,000 views and I have been blessed to make a lot of new friends because of my videos. It’s been really cool!

So where am I at with Plexus now?


That is where I am still at. Although I am not losing weight right now, I am maintaining during a time I would surely be gaining weight. It’s proven to be nearly impossible to eat healthy during this season of my life. When anxiety is high Plexus is helping me keep going. I am not actively working the business but I am still welcoming anyone whether it be new Ambassadors or customers that God sends my way. My goal is to be back at it by November. The plan is to be back with a bang and an awesome Facebook party! It’ll all be about Giving Thanks. If you’ve never tried Plexus there will even be giveaways. You will not have to become a customer or an Ambassador to enter to win!

My team and I want to bless you!

The world needs Plexus, y’all!


hahahaha… that picture cracks me up!

Happy October y’all!




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