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Hey y’all!

How’s your summer been so far?

Ours has been busy. Just this last month I turned 40 and we had our Wedding Anniversary!

I treated myself to a delightful cappuccino mousse cup and even some eclairs for my birthday. O.O


Hey, maybe turning 40 isn’t so bad. lol


Only 7 days after my birthday was my wedding anniversary which I sadly had to celebrate part of without my husband.

The part of the day I didn’t spend with him I spent with our 7 beautiful children. I couldn’t help but be in awe when I stopped and really looked at all of our children that day. It was so crazy to think back to our wedding and know that none of those 7 children were there with us. As silly as it sounds, it felt empty imagining life without them. And I couldn’t help but think how they would have loved to be there with us that day. lol Maybe one day we’ll renew our wedding vows and party it up with them!

As for my husband and I, I love that man more than the day I married him.


I have learned something very painful over the last 16 years of our marriage.

My husband is not perfect.

But you know what, neither am I.

And I’m totally fine with that. Being married to him has made me a better person. I am so grateful to him for that.


So here we are….AUGUST!!!

I can’t wait to see what you bring!

Wait, I know… August will bring…SEPTEMBER!

As summer comes to a close I’ll be here up in Idaho enjoying the heat and getting more and more excited about Fall coming!

Summer may still be in full swing but so is school in the Quinn house.

As of right now we school year round.

The girls love it!

And they love their Math!! If you’re a homeschooling Mom and looking for a good Math course I highly suggest ‘Teaching Textbooks.’ I do not get referrals so no need to tell them I sent you.

This is just a tip from one parent to another. 🙂


It took us years to find this little jewel!!

As for me, I’m still in a weird season of growth, healing and learning. (and getting older lol)

Jesus, Plexus, Essential Oils, and Trim Healthy Mama are my go to’s as always.

This journey I’m on won’t be an overnight one. I know that and I’m more than aware that my body won’t heal overnight.

Although I really wish it would.

I am just so grateful for my Plexus supplements!

Speaking of Plexus, they’ve done it again!! We’ve got a brand new product just released that is insanely awesome!

I’ve tried it and I LOVE it!

I’ll be doing a video on it at some point. If you haven’t tried Edge yet,  I highly recommend it! Both my husband and I think it’s awesome!


*All Natural Energy

*Sharper Thinking

*Enhances Concentration and Focus

*Improves Mood

Sign me up I tell you! lol


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