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Hey y’all!

Can you feel it?

If you listen really close can you hear the leaves stirring up in the trees preparing for fall?

September’s here and in the Quinn house we are all kinds of excited in anticipation of Fall. I love this season so much I even have a daughter named Autumn. The funny thing is that she was born in Spring. lol

So what are your plans for Fall?

Mine include…

Good books, hot cocoa with our windows open letting the cool crisp air in, fall decorations, pumpkin treats, and a lot more, including starting a new school year for my kiddos.


Here in Idaho our homeschool laws are some of the best. We have been free to homeschool our children when and how we feel is best. However, not all states are created equal when it comes to such laws. The new state we will be moving to next Spring has much stricter laws. Typically we school year round from March to March, taking time off here and there as needed. We school off and on all the time. In this new state we will have to school our children the days as the public schools.

Although I don’t understand this way of thinking we are happy to oblige.


With that being said two of my kids have been busy finishing their year early so they can start their next year now so they will already be on schedule before we move. They both just finished! They have done a terrific job and we are now waiting impatiently on their new school books. Welcome to home school where learning is exciting. 🙂


So that’s where we’re at right now. Getting ready for a new school year and getting excited about Fall and the blessings it holds for us.

In other news, one of my Plexus videos has reached 45,000 views and I have been blessed to make a lot of new friends because of my videos. It’s been awesome!

So where am I at with Plexus now?


That is where I am still at. Although I am not losing weight right now, I am maintaining during a time I would surely be gaining weight. It’s proven to be nearly impossible to eat healthy during this season of my life. When anxiety is high Plexus is helping me keep going. I am not actively working the business but I am still welcoming anyone whether it be new Ambassadors or customers that God sends my way. My goal is to be back at it by November. The plan is to be back with a bang and an awesome Facebook party! It’ll all be about Giving Thanks. If you’ve never tried Plexus there will even be giveaways. You will not have to become a customer or an Ambassador to enter to win!

My team and I want to bless you!

The world needs Plexus, y’all!


hahahaha… that picture cracks me up!

Happy September y’all!




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